Evergreen Bean Coffee

Who we are

Brian here, co-founder of Evergreen Bean. As a Portland-Metro area native, I have always had easy access to amazing coffee. Like many of you, coffee brings my family and friends together. We are able to take time to relax and enjoy life over a good cup of coffee in the morning. These relationships built over coffee ignited a passion in me to share with others what the Pacific Northwest has given to me. That's the foundation that grounds Evergreen Bean: Amazing people deserve amazing coffee. In 2017, I was approached by Hank, co-founder of Evergreen Bean, who had a vision of bringing his mechanical world of speed, precision, and accuracy to my world of coffee. I knew that our combining our passions could make our dreams a reality.


During the fall of 2017, we began figuring out how we would be able to connect amazing people with amazing coffee. We knew that if we could present Pacific Northwest coffee in its honest form, then Evergreen Bean would be doing its job. However, after this initial planning, we realized that getting amazing people amazing coffee wouldn't be enough. We want our amazing people to experience what it means to know coffee. Like, really know coffee. There is so much to learn! From where the beans come from to various brewing techniques to how and why we roast coffee, there is always more that goes into a roast that is not often thought about. 


Our next goal, then, is to do our best to educate every customer about where their coffee is coming from and how it was roasted. We also plan to include information on brewing techniques, roasting techniques, and other interesting information relevant to the Pacific Northwest coffee world. Evergreen Bean is the perfect subscription for the coffee beginner to the coffee connoisseur.